Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to handle ants attack in beekeeping.

Ants are invading our TBH and causing problems. Empty TBH will not be occupied once ants are in these TBH. Ants are nuisance in occupied TBH.

We spent a lot of time cleaning up our TBH to ensure they are free from ants.

We used various techniques to remove these ants. Most of the time we used the smoker and smoked them out.

We also used water container and put water around the legs of the TBH.

We tried to avoid using chemical to fight this ants. We have found ants poison and we have no choice to try it soon. We only spray the poison on the legs of the TBH. Hope this will turn out ok.

Haniz cleaning up the Langstroth using his smoker.

An abandon TBH because of ants attack. Need to refurbish this TBH soon.


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  1. Hi,still keeping bees?
    Do you help to remove wasp nest?