Friday, January 27, 2012

A visit to a bee farm.

One of the things we want to do with this beekeeping activities is to show the kids these bees up close and personal. We want them to understand that these bees are harmless and to teach them a bit of how to handle the lovely insects.

We also want them to learn that honey is good for their health and it tastes great. The visit will also give them the opportunity to see the honey while it is taken fresh from the honeycombs.

This is a story about a friend who has had hands on experience with the benefits of the honey. I gave them a bit of honey sometime in September last year. He has a 12 years old daughter who has a history of asthma problems. He started giving the daughter the honey hoping that the asthma problem will be relieved. And it did.

Since the honey was too little, he went out and bought another bottle of honey. Unfortunately, the daughter did not like the purchased honey and insisted her father to get more from us.

During the new year holiday, I was preparing to go to the farm and received a call from this friend. He told me about the daughter and wanted to get more honey from our farm. We always welcome our friends to join the activities. And so, he came with his wife and their 10 years old son.

As usual, we will show them the bees inside the TBH. We also encourage them to come near the box to prove to them that these bees are harmless.

These are the bees from our 8th colony. The colony was captured in September 2011. We can clearly see a new honeycomb (white color) and several honeycombs with broods. Unfortunately, there was not much of honey inside this colony.

We continued to open and investigate other TBH and found one with some honey. This is the 5th colony captured. I think we captured this colony sometime in Q1 2011. We proceed to clean up the TBH and harvest some honey. Our friend got what he came for :).

The joy of tasting fresh honey for the first time.

A brave boy holding honeycomb and the bees. And he was wearing short sleeve shirt!!

Fresh honey from the farm. Hope all will be good.


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